Anyone can report a review on ResellerRatings for content take-down. That is, given the right reason. Flagging a review will initiate an investigation process by our human moderation team. We ask for your email, or for you to log in so we can communicate with you. If you don't want to sign up - alternatively you can log in.

Reasons to potentially report a review

  • Personally identifiable information (names, emails, addresses)

  • harmful or illegal content

  • Advertising and promotional content

  • Intellectual Property Infringement (e.g. copyright, trademark, patent)

To report a review, please

  1. Find the review that you want to report

  2. Click on the FLAG icon at the bottom right

  3. Select the type of issue it might be (or simply state the reason why you are reporting the review)

  4. You will get an email confirmation regarding the case after proper submission

Review Process

  1. Our Moderation team will get a notification on the issue

  2. The team will review the complaint as well as the review

  3. In some cases, they may contact the reviewer to resolve the issue or give them a chance to edit the review

  4. In other cases, they may adjudicate the process quickly and remove the offending content

Intellectual Property Claims

  1. In the case of intellectual property claims, we will converse further with you to get information such as identification of works or materials being infringed, sufficient detail on where the offending content can be found for removal, contact information, and more.

  2. It is our policy to remove or disable infringing material as soon as the claim is reviewed internally at ResellerRatings.

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