Whether you are collecting product reviews or seller ratings, visual reviews to sync up and place within your social media and marketing channels. Inject your customer voice, in a dynamic, fun way, directly into your paid and earned social media channels. You don't have to be a designer to automatically generate graphics and imagery built specifically for each media channel to entice your customers to click through and explore.

You can use your Visual Reviews and images for a variety of purposes, including marketing material, re-targeting ads, and Social Media Channels.

It's easy to get started. Once enabled with the Visual Marketing Plan, simply clikc and press the camera icon.

  • select a review to visualize

  • Pick a social media template to design around

  • Tweak and design to your liking

  • Download and Publish!

Selecting a review to Visualize

There are two different ways to do this depending on whether or not you are using product reviews or seller ratings.

Seller Ratings

Visualize an Image from Within Case Management

Visualize a Product Review

Enabling visual marketing for products and using a user-submitted image

Selecting a template

While these template sizes work for many other social media platforms, we've defaulted specifically to Facebook, Facebook Stories, Instagram and Instagram Stories, Twitter and Pinterest. You can always change this on the fly.

Designing your reviews

There's a lot of tweakable options on the page. We won't go into every single one in detail here. Instead, check out this quick video explaining the core elements you can change. This video will cover

  1. How to quickly style a review

This is just the beginning of Review Visualization. We have a whole new host of items we're designing around, including

  1. Visualizing your store score into a card

  2. Snipping a review length

  3. New formats

  4. Unsplash me Integration for Fresh Background content

  5. Integration within your Instagram feed

  6. Automatic Creations and Inspirations Email

  7. ...VIDEO!

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