Integrate your own custom look and feel 

Custom CSS lets you control every element of a page.  It can make Product Reviews look extremely different from client to client and depending on your CSS skillset. Editing it is easy and allows you control almost every single value of your product reviews solution.  From buttons, fonts, behaviors and more.

You can effectively create custom templates.  Create a new template under Product Reviews > Settings > Custom CSS

Within the new templates section you can:

  • Create a new template 

  • Preview and build new templates

  • Enable or disable templates

With the template system you can load product review styles very easily without any further development work once a template is created.  When you click 'Create a new template' you're given the a text box in which you can copy and paste your CSS template.


 You can edit all sorts of css tags directly on this page.  Here are just some of the elements to adjust.  

2.1 Aggregate Element 




 id="acs_product_reviews_widget"  Modify the actual widget that renders all the content including the star ratings and review link.    

#acs_product_reviews_widget a  Modify the ratings link  

#acs_product_reviews_widget a:hover  Modify the hover over action and behavior  

Review Content Elements



.acs_single_review  -  Singular review block element  

acs_review_recommend  - Recommended element on a review  

.acs_review_title  - Review title element  

#.acs_review_text  - Review text  

.acs_review_detail_toggle  - Review toggle element  

The number of elements and modifications you can do are too numerous to document.  The code can be easily inspected to see what elements and behaviors you’d like to customize using CSS.  The above should give your team enough documentation to investigate and make the appropriate decisions on how to make your ResellerRatings Product Reviews solution your own! If you need help, contact our account team.

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