When to use it 

If you’re a merchant, brand or service using Shopify, you can easily use the ResellerRating’s Post Checkout survey script to start soliciting reviews in. There’s a couple of specialized steps that will guide you through and help you get your exit survey code into your platform


  • Start collecting reviews to syndicate to major search engines 

  • Google Star Ratings

  • Consumer Insights, Feedback and Reputation Management

1.1 Get up & Running in 5 minutes

 1. Log into your Shopify Account https://www.shopify.com/login 

2. Once you have your store setup and products in your store, go to admin bar and select ‘Settings’ 

3. Then click Checkout below the Settings tab on the left 

4. Scroll down until you see ‘Order Processing’ 

5. You can add a series of scripts in the textbox here ‘Additional Content & Scripts’. You will find more information regarding scripts and accessible data here. 

6. Copy and paste the JS snippet below right above that tag

1.2 Variable definitions

You will want to replace the two green variables (invoice/order_id & email address) with data from the Shopify’s Thank you page.

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