When to use them...

Versatile, highly engaging content that is designed to pull review content quickly and easily. The Instant Survey asks potential authors a question right after purchase. Designed to be integrated into your brand, as well as deeply 

When to use Instant Survey’s

Implement Survey’s when you want to get reviews directly from reviewers via an automated method through post checkout email campaigns.This ‘set it and forget it method’ is our ultimate tool for your review acquisition purposes.

Instant Survey is a new survey acquisition method from ResellerRatings designed to grab reviews post checkout, but pre-delivery of goods.This means you get reviews faster while still getting feedback on your entire post purchase cycle.The review process is designed to measure a web experience up front and the post delivery cycle via a subsequent email.This ensures capturing the entire shopping experience, with less hurdles for the consumer.


  • Automated Review Acquisition (set it and forget it!)

  • Picks up reviews instantly instead of focusing on emails (no deliverability, open rate, or click through barriers)

  • Automated Review Ingestion that removes the barriers customers may encounter when signing up

 How they work

 Surveys can be set up under Brand Reviews > Survey

Once you install the code on your website, everything else is dealt with on our side.All you have to do is set the survey mode to Instant! in your exit config page.

  • 1.  Customize your survey (mailer text, launch controls, look and feel)

  • 2.  Set the survey code to instant

  • 3. Set the code snippet on your checkout page (see below)

The entire procedure is quick and easy to implement.  You will start seeing reviews being generated right away.

Post Review Cycle

Two major items happen upon review submission.  A thank you message is displayed and a review author account is created on ResellerRatings automatically. 

A user account is created and their password is sent to their email address

Optional - a post follow-up email is sent out that asks the user to update their experience if necessary. 

Once a survey is received, we automatically create a user account for the reviewer and generate a password for that user so they can manage their review. 

 In 7 days, we email the user a follow-up (if they have requested so), to ask them about the deliverability.This deliverability day counter can be set in your exit survey configuration!The post follow-up email simply invites the user to augment their review and rating in case they had deliverability issues.

If you have product reviews enabled - a follow up product review mailer can be automatically sent following delivery of goods.

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