Getting started with collection brand reviews

ResellerRatings has a huge array of different collection methods  Whether for brand or product reviews.  Surveys can be triggered at certain points in the customer journey, can have customized look and feel templates and more.  Setting up your survey for content acquisition is easy.  

There are several methods to collection surveys

  • accelerator

  • post checkout survey

  • direct link campaigns


You can customize a series of items around the survey including:

  • look and feel of survey pop-up

  • Branded logos and design

  • Custom question types and templates for feedback builder

  • Mailer content and wording

  • Launch controls

  • Intelligent Review Guard anti fraud / competitor tools

Product Reviews

Product review collection is an additional survey type for your customer journey.  Product Review documentation can be located here.  To learn about product review surveys, go here.   You can combine product reviews and brand reviews in a non-intrusive easy for your customers way with ResellerRatings suite.

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