1.1 What is it?

ResellerRatings is a third party review site that works with companies to gather customers’ feedback about their shopping experience after they have purchased a good or service. Those reviews are then syndicated out to the major search engines like Google and Bing.  With our tools, you can connect with customers, integrate ratings and reviews across your brand and product reviews, and more.

1.2 What is the ResellerRatings Storefront

“Storefront” is your store’s page on ResellerRatings. Reviewers will see this page when they search for your store or service on ResellerRatings.The Storefront provides a place for all your reviews to be seen by the public as well as some features for you as a client.

Your Storefront is an extension of your brand. Making it your own is important to your reviewers, it shows you are putting effort in the details. 

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